RK Schilling

Ron Schilling - Nolte MediaRK Schilling - Owner

For over 30 years RK Schilling has produced documentaries, commercials, industrials, feature shorts, a great variety of special interest programs, along with many successful websites.

Ron taught film at Sonoma State University and Santa Rosa Jr. College, graduated from The Hollywood Film Institute, hasRon Schilling  captured more than 2 dozen video and writing awards, and has been formally recognized by the California State Assembly for his video work in the state.

Ron’s broad experience includes projects with Comedy Tonight, Nike, PBS, Cisco Systems, ESPN, Marine World/Africa USA, The Pentagon, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, Hewlett Packard, Showtime, and much, much more.

His films have been well received at multiple theaters throughout the country and his scripts have earned critical praise from The Austin Film Festival, Miramax, The Houston International Film Festival, Page International, and Cinequest among numerous others.